The Guild

The Northern Fibres Guild is a group of enthusiastic arts and crafts people, who enjoy working with and learning about fibres. Our interests are quite diverse and include knitting, spinning, weaving, dyeing, embroidery, felting, and much more. The Guild’s mandate is to support members in increasing their skills and to provide support and education to the public regarding the fiber arts.


The Guild’s operating year runs from January to December, with the Annual General Meeting held each January. The membership fee is Can$ 45.00, due in January of each year. We also offer a reduced membership rate, which is available to seniors (60 years+), card carrying students, “out-of-towners”, who won’t be coming to meetings, and household members where someone in the household is already a member. The reduced rate is Can$ 40.00 annually. If you wish to become a member, please fill out the Guild’s Membership Form. You may send the form to the Guild’s address (B3 – 302 Steele Street, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2C5, which you will find on the form as well) and include a correctly issued cheque. All cheques have to be made out to Northern Fibres Guild. You may also bring payment and membership form to your first meeting. As a Guild member you are entitled to:
  • Borrow from our library
  • Rent guild equipment (after 3 months in good-standing)
  • Receive a discount on workshops offered by the guild
  • Have priority registration for guild workshops
  • Opportunity to participate in the NFG table at the annual Cranberry Fair
  • Receive a monthly newsletter which keeps you up-to-date on the guild activities and upcoming events
  • Participate in monthly meetings


The Guild holds monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of every month (except July and August). The meetings run from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in our boardroom, downstairs of the T.C. Richards building, at 302 Steele Street, in downtown Whitehorse. Meetings start with a brief business dialogue and are followed by a “Show and Tell” session, where members share projects they are/were working on (or perhaps, the problems they are encountering). Each meeting features a special program of a skill  demonstrated or taught or other educational presentations. We break at half time for tea and (in most times) homemade baking, provided by members of the guild. Back to top


The Guild organizes one or two workshops a year based on the interests expressed by the membership. The Guild Executive is generally planning a year, to a year and a half in advance and welcomes suggestions and ideas from all members. We try to accommodate the interests of all our members by sponsoring workshops to develop skills and introduce new techniques. Sometimes these are led by our own members and sometimes we bring people in from outside. When space permits, non-members are encouraged to participate in our workshops. For a current list of upcoming workshops and events, please check our Facebook page @NorthernFibresGuild or email us at: Back to top

Annual Retreat

Every year the Guild organizes a spring retreat. Usually we have at least one special workshop at these retreat weekends. The retreat starts during a Friday with everybody meeting at the newly dedicated retreat location and proceeds over Saturday, with  workshops taking place, times for own projects, lots of talk and skills exchange and plenty of good food. The retreat usually ends on Sunday mid morning or early afternoon. These weekends are meant as a time for members to spend time together working on their current projects while exchanging tips and strategies or asking for help at certain challenges. Location of the retreat and workshops presented change with each year. Back to top


The Guild has acquired an extensive library of books and magazines. These range from weaving, dyeing, spinning, knitting, rug hooking to many other fibre related arts. There is no “due date” when you borrow, nor are you restricted to one item at a time. However, it is expected that a member rents only a few items for no more than a month or a similar reasonable time. The library is accessible during the guild’s monthly meetings. You can also ask one of the members of the executive or the librarian to arrange a time to visit the library. For a detailed list on the library, go to the Guild’s website and search under Library by Author, Library by Category or Library by Title. Back to top

Equipment Rental

The Guild owns a broad collection of equipment that can be rented, such as spinning wheels, looms, drum and hand carders, bobbin winders, dye pots, ball winders, and the like. All rent equipment must be signed out using the rental book located in the library.The rental book has instructions on what deposit is required for each piece of equipment and what the charge is for each. You need to be a member in good standing (i.e. dues paid) for 3 months before you can start to rent equipment. If you are interested in renting equipment, come to a monthly meeting and contact our equipment coordinator to make sure you have all of the required pieces and know how to use the equipment properly. Back to top

The Judith Young Bursary

Judith Young was an active member of our Guild, who passed away in 1997. She generously donated many books to our library. In recognition of this we named our bursary after her to honour her enthusiasm and love for fibre arts. The Judith Young Bursary is set at Can$ 300.00 per fiscal year. The money is available to any Guild member in good standing, who has been a member for six months or longer. It is to be put towards costs relating to education, such as workshop fees and travel expenses. This money is not available for materials on personal projects. For more information about the bursary and how to apply for it, contact a member of the executive at: Back to top


In order to subsidize our workshops, the library, the equipment and the bursary we plan different fundraising activities throughout the year, such as special sales, silent auctions and the annual Cranberry Fair before Christmas. Every year the executive files an application to the Yukon Government Arts Funding Program The Guild is also sponsored by Lotteries Yukon. Back to top

Guild Organization

Our Guild has an executive of 4 volunteers, who each year undertake the duties associated with being a society. They run the business portion of our monthly meetings, keep the notes, write the newsletter and make sure that our bills get paid.

  • President (business portion of meetings)
  • Vice President (newsletters)
  • Secretary (keeps notes)
  • Treasurer (pays bills)

In addition to the executive, the Guild would not function without the other volunteer jobs, listed below:

  • Cranberry Fair Liaison
  • Cranberry Fair Coordinator
  • Equipment Coordinator
  • Librarian
  • Program Coordinator
  • Refreshment Coordinator
  • Retreat Coordinator
  • Workshop Coordinator

Please consider what talents you might like to share with the Guild. When we each take part, the work is an enjoyable portion of our activities.

If you have more questions please send us an email: 
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