Participate in the fair

The Cranberry Fair is a juried event, to which each participant has to be selected.

The fair took place in Whitehorse on Sunday, November 27th. Stay tune for the date in 2023.

The application period is from June to July 31st of the current year.
Applications will be entered into a jury process in the first week of August.
Artists selected by the jurors will then be invited to participate in the fair.

Applications can be made physically or electronically 

physical application asks for a printed application form, the portfolio which holds your CV, an explanation of fairs you have previously participated in, and the description of your arts/crafts, along with samples or photos of the pieces you intended to present at the fair. Forms can be downloaded from our website, or requested via email at Once your have been selected, the required payment of $120.00 per application can be made via Payment can be made as e-transfer to the Guild’s email account:

If you choose to mix parts of above options, please make sure you provide all three required parts in the end: form, portfolio & samples and the payment.

We recommend that you supply physical samples with your application that represent what you wish to sell at the fair. Photos or online documentations often fall short of truly demonstrating the quality of your work.

 The application deadline of July 31st must be respected.

The fair coordinator checks if your application is complete and valid, and then adds you to the jury selection process.

One application is made from one individual artist applying for one spot.

Group applications sharing one table will be considered on a one-time basis, and only if all samples represent a coherent body of work from that group. The following year members of this group will have to apply as individuals. Within the group application each group member has to provide a filled out form, a portfolio and his/her samples. Each application is juried in separately. In the end only the applications which are accepted and juried in will be able to share a table.

Jury Process

Items accepted into the jury process:

  • Must represent arts or crafts handmade in the Yukon (incl. Atlin)
  • Cannot be print books, although hand bound books are accepted as an art of book(let) making
  • Cannot be food or drink items

Applicants whose work does not meet the eligibility criteria will not be submitted to the jury for consideration.

Jury Selection

All valid applications that meet the eligibility criteria will enter the jury process set for the first week in August.

A jury group will convene and select participants for the current year’s fair.
This group of jurors will consist of arts and crafts knowledgeable people and is chosen by the fair coordinator. Its members will change each year.

The jury group’s decisions to accept an application are based on the following four criteria:

Quality, Originality, Diversity and Creativity.

These criteria have been set by the Northern Fibres Guild, founder and organizer of the Cranberry Fair.

Selected participants will be informed immediately after the jury process has taken place. Their participation fee will be credited to the Northern Fibres Guild bank account. Samples will be returned to the artist/crafter.

Applicants not accepted will also be informed of the jury’s decision, and their participation fee will be refunded to them. 


Once applicants are selected by the jury group their participation fees are non-refundable.

Applicants who were accepted by the jury group and subsequently cancelled are automatically ineligible to apply for one year. The coordinator might fill cancellations from an established waiting list.

Fair Day

A floor plan will been sent out to all participants a few weeks ahead of fair day. On this floor plan we try our best to accommodate the placement wishes you marked on your application form. Past participants are not guaranteed the same location in the room as the previous year, however if they wish to be placed there we will try.

Set up for participants is from 8am to 10am. Doors will open from 10am to 11am for seniors and people with mobility issues and from 11am to 4:00pm for all. Tear-down takes place from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

Please move your vehicle away from the parking place at the exhibition building once you have brought in everything. This will free up space for the many visitors we expect throughout the day.

Northern Fibres Guild volunteers are available to help to bring in your items for set up and take down.

Each participant is provided with a display area of 6’ by 6’, typically with a table the size of 6’ x 2.5’, which is equipped with matching skirt and cover, 2 chairs, access to WIFI and power, and a name tag.

In case you chose to have just floor space and bring your own racks, keep in mind that you cannot extend beyond your 6’ x 6.’ space allotment.

We discourage from bringing your own table, as we prefer the tables the event management provides for their elegant and matching style.

It is recommended to bring a sufficient float and a receipt book, extension cords to reach the next available electrical outlet, tape to secure the cord safely, spare bulbs if you bring your own lighting, and all necessary tools to set up your back drop, if you chose to bring one.

On your table you will find a name tag, the WIFI password and a survey we would like you to fill out after the fair closes.

Artists are responsible for their own means of receiving payment. There is no official credit card payment option at the fair. It is advisable to bring either a sufficient float or your own equipment for electronic payments. There will be WIFI available during the fair for those who need online connections. The password will be released on the morning of the fair. An ATM machine is located in the venue hall.

Please note: In an effort to work within environmental best practices the Northern Fibres Guild has decided to no longer provide drinks in plastic bottles. If possible, please bring your own drink in a reusable container, which can be easily refilled at a water station in the cultural centre.

During the day volunteers will walk around the event spaces offering help to the exhibitors. If in need of a break or any kind of help, please check for name tags that identify volunteers.

To prevent shoplifting, keep a careful eye out when people are crowded around your table. If you feel you need an extra set of eyes, bring a friend along to help you.

At most fairs the Northern Fibres Guild presents additional events, such as live musical entertainment or a silent auction. Guild members usually present their crafts at a few table themselves.

Please contact the fair coordinator for the current year’s presentations.

When the fair closes at 4:00pm our volunteers will offer to help take your exhibit down and out to your vehicle. Please ask our volunteers to assist you.

After the Fair

A survey is handed out before the fair closes down.
We would much appreciate it very, if you could find the time to fill it out and return it to the fair coordinator:

The survey helps us review our performance and allows us to improve future Cranberry Fairs. 

If you liked the fair – please tell the world!                               
If you did not – please tell us!


  • Applications deadline: July 31.
  • Jury session:  first week in August.
  • Jury decision: the latest by August 31.