The History

Over 40 years ago the Northern Fibers Guild was known as the Whitehorse Weavers Guild.

Each year the  Weavers Guild presented a Christmas Sale. It was held in various church halls and private homes. At one time it  included a fashion show of hand woven and knitted clothes. At another time the Northern Fibres Guild amalgamated with the Potters Guild to have a successful show. Sometimes Guild members held sales in their own homes and invited the Guild to participate.

This Christmas sale presented by the Northern Fibres Guild was not always called Cranberry Fair.

In its beginnings its name was “Fibration”, then changed to the “Weaver’s Guild Christmas Sale”, until finally the name Cranberry Fair stuck.

Over time this event outgrew the spaces private homes could provide and the Cranberry Fair was moved to the Guild Hall in Porter Creek/Whitehorse. Crafts people outside the Guild were invited to participate, with the event eventually including potters and wood workers as well as other fiber people.

Sales became more and more successful by each year.

With the number of exhibitors constantly rising, the Guild decided to mold this sale into a classic event presenting higher quality sale items.

To ensure an elevated level of quality, artists and crafts people needed to be juried in.

A yearly changing group of jurors determine the participants for each sale.

The following criteria were chosen for selection basis: Quality, Creativity, Originality and Diversity

When the Guild Hall no longer provided enough space to host this event, the fair was moved to the High Country Inn and later to the Westmark Whitehorse Hotel.

In 2014 the current location was chosen as the perfect venue:  The Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre, where it is held in its famous Longhouse.

The host of the current Cranberry Fair is still the Northern Fibres Guild. A group of enthusiastic arts and crafts people, who want to learn and move forward the knowledge of working with fibres. For more information, click here: Northern Fibres Guild.

If you are interested in participating in the Cranberry Fair, click here for more information: Information for Exhibitors

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